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   Pilgrimage of Tule Lake Internment Camp 1998  


    On July 4th weekend, 1998 I joined more than 250 others in an exploration of what was the Japanese American Internment Camp at Tule Lake, California during World War Two. Organized by the Tule Lake Committee, the weekend included tours through the grounds, remaining barracks and buildings, videos, discussions with former internees and their children, teachers, and a service for those who died while in the camps.
    What follows are photographs taken during that weekend.

cement jail house created for "problematic" internees

old barrack left standing
old barrack left standing

Abalone Mountain
Abalone Mountain to the west of camp


I also developed a web art project during an artist residency at Do While Studios in Boston, a "virtual pilgrimage" to the Tule Lake site, click here to take the tour